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  • Leif Holland Modern Art 2009 Room 116

    April 2nd, 2009 by M.

    Featured Artist – Leif Holland, self-taught artist working with milled wood, paint, stain, and botanical material. My current pieces evolved from digital prints of nature with framing material and found objects relative to the subject of the print.

    I eventually decided to do away with the print and create concise, portable representations of natural scenes using gathered and purchased plant materials.

    The meticulous manner in which the constructions are created is a reflection of my training as a professional chef and the 25 years I spent in restaurant and catering kitchens from Seattle and San Francisco to New York City and Cape Cod.


    I approach my artwork much the same way I approached food when I was cooking for a living. Ingredients are carefully selected (most by hand), treated respectfully, and utilized in a way their best features are highlighted.

    All components of my artwork are of archival quality. The plant material is thoroughly dried or preserved to stay sound, colorfast, and free of insects. The integrity of each piece will be maintained as long as it is not exposed to moisture and/or prolonged, direct sunlight.

    My work can be seen in my studio/gallery, Square room, and my two retail stores, squareroom and foxmaid in Seattle, Washington.

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