• Document Your Love – Stay the Night – February 14

    January 21st, 2013 by webAdmin

    Valentine’s Day! It can be a challenge. You love your sweetie madly; but how to show it on a day so loaded with romantic expectation? A bundle of flowers can’t express just how much you appreciate it when she organizes your stuffed animal collection. A box of chocolates won’t thank her enough for all the times she fed your turtle for you.  Before you get Valentine’s Day fatigue and go down in a fiery crash, consider a new, stress-free strategy:
    Rent a room at a great price at the Modern Hotel. Then join the talented and creative people from Story Story Night to document your love.  They’ll spirit you away to their audio love laboratory and record your story. So testify — that’s right, testify! What made you cross the room to meet her? How did you know he was the one? Stand up and tell your tale of love?
    This is a story you can call your own and share with pets, children and in-laws, if you wish.  It can be passed down through your family, a testament to your  hot romance.  You can share it with the world or tuck it away in the catch-all drawer of life.
    After your testimony, you and your flame can have your photo taken in our Valentine’s Day photobooth—we promise no hearts or stuffed bears, just an image to remember for a lifetime.  Your parting gift is a photo and an MP3 of your own love story, starring you and your cupcake. Then retire to your room for frolic, snacks or sleep — your choice.  What joy!
    Stories recorded by: http://www.storystorynight.org/
    Price of the room includes photobooth picture and audio recording.


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  • Modern Resolutions

    January 17th, 2013 by webAdmin

    The Modern would like to thank all the Modern Resolutionists who participated in the Modern Resolutions event in December. The fire dancers, personal trainers, Radio Boise, and the Record Exchange all made this an evening to remember And I must say, Edward’s Greenhouse knocked our socks off with their bed of flowers.

    The Boise Sesqui-Shop, a shop put together to help celebrate Boise’s 150th birthday, made a fun presentation, too. If you haven’t had the chance, I suggest that you scurry down to have a peek at their shop on 10th and Main Street. http://www.facebook.com/BoiseArtsandHistory/app_100265896690345
    1st Floor Courtyard:
    116 – Record Exchange / Duck Club / Radio Boise / Treefort Music Festival
    117 – Hyde Park Books / The Cabin
    118 – Tarot Cards by Kathy Ackaret

    2nd Floor CourtYard:
    233 – Bricolage / Social Good Network /
    234 – Graeber and Company / Think Boise First
    235 – Boise 150 / Sustainable Futures
    236 – In Retrospect
    237 – Victoria Greener Photography

    239 – Peaceful Belly Farms
    240 – Active & Fit / My Fit Foods / Catch your Balance
    241 – Story Story Night
    242 – Renu MediSpa / Jayden Deluca Foundation

    Live music from HillFolk Noir
    Fire/LED Dancers
    Story Story Night
    The Deep Dance Experience

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  • Sweet Valley and the Modern Hotel

    October 31st, 2012 by webAdmin

    Sweet Valley Organics

    Sweet Valley Organics

    Are you a locavore? The Modern is! It is our goal to use local producers whenever possible. Local producers help us create a seasonally inspired menu, which is fresh and just plain tasty. Today Sweet Valley Organics   delivered a beautiful batch of mushrooms, so I thought I would share them with you. The Modern will use these yummy fresh mushrooms in items like our  delicious Tartins and Crispy Polenta.

    We all want to eat better, smarter and eating local produce from producers who grow it is a great way to make eating good food even more pleasurable.

    Check out Sweet Valley Organics at the Capital City Public Market  which is open every Saturday, April 21—December 22, .  Or come down to the Modern Hotel and have them cooked just right.



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  • Time to Vote for Best of Boise

    July 18th, 2012 by webAdmin

    Please vote the Modern Hotel for Best Of Boise 2012
    Best Of Boise

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  • And the best …

    June 25th, 2012 by webAdmin


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