Amuma Says No
Date(s) - 26 Sep 2013
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Hey there, Boise! We invite you to take part in the festivities this summer as Modern Music brings you Amuma Says No! We guarantee the weather will still be hot . . . but the band will be even HOTTER bringing the Basque culture directly to our courtyard! Please be prepared to eat a fabulous meal, enjoy a beverage from our astounding mixologists, and of course, hear some GREAT MUSIC!

“Amuma Says No represents the heart and soul of Basque music in America today. The band brings together the best of traditional trikitixa–a duo of accordion and tambourine–with a modern rhythm section and songs sung in Euskara. Based in Boise, home of the largest community of Basques outside their home provinces along the French and Spanish Pyrenees, Amuma Says No’s sound is energetic, exciting, contemporary and uniquely… Basque.” If you’d like to know a little more about Amuma Says No please visit their Facebook page or check them out at

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