District 19 Flamenco & Tambalka
Date(s) - 28 Sep 2013
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

District 19 Flamenco is the collaboration between dancer Julianna Thomas and guitarist Derren Davidavich. Both were drawn to the intensity and complexity of traditional Spanish flamenco, and seek to share with audiences the power and profundity which has made this art form familiar throughout the world. Flamenco, demanding in form and execution, gives the disciple extraordinary ability to express..


District 19 will be join by Tambalka,¬†Tambalka is Derren’s new group; they are an instrumental quartet (2 guitars, violin, percussion), playing an original fusion of Latin, Mediterranean, and gypsy jazz. Check them out¬†http://www.tambalka.com/

This is the closing act of our Summer Music Series !!! Don’t miss out…