• MODERN ARTISTS FOR 2010, First Thursday, May 6

    February 16th, 2010 by webAdmin

    Modern Art at the Modern Hotel 2010

    Modern Art at the Modern Hotel 2010

    Rooms by Number

    101- John Taye, 102- Ned Evett, 103- Troy Passey, 104- Wil D. Kirkman, 105- Mary Frances Spears , 106- Heather Imlach , 107- Jan Boles & Projekt Locqa, 108- Surel Mitchell, Dave Thomas , Pauline Bothwell, Pete Grady, & Lorin Humphreys, 109- Missy Cory & Shelley Jund , 110- Elizabeth Hilton , 111- Reham A. Aarti , 112- Amber Grubb , 115- Molly Heyn ,116- The 5 Hour Church of Elvis / Susan Valiquette & Kay Seurat, 117 Kirsten Furlong & William Lewis , 118- Photographic Arts Collective (BSU) , 221- Trey McIntyre , 222 Amy Westover & Jennifer Wood , 223 Ben Browne, 223 Veiko Valencia, 224 Zac Halbert, 225 Richie Marke , 226 David Herbold , 227 Marianne Konvalinka , Zella Bardsley, Pam McKnight & Kevin Flynn, 228 Bryan Moore, 229 April Van DeGrift & Megan Laursen , 230 James Harper , 231 Deborah Hardee , 232 Alex Vega , 233 B. Love , 234 Tod Alan , 235 Sue Latta , 236 Saratops , 237 Karen Bubb, 237 Babs Case, 238 Tyler Bush , 239 Amanda Hamilton , 240 Ted Apel and Amanda Hamilton, 241 Sean Aucutt & Bob Neal, 242 Are City

    Alternative Spaces

    Josie Fretwell & Rachel Reichert , Hawk Sahlein and Collin Pfeifer , Seth Ogilvie, Adrian Kien , Gretchen Nishitani , Ali and Travis Ward , Amy O’Brien and Kerry Tullis , Treasure Valley Artists Alliance , B. Love , Gretchen Nishitani

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  • Charles Gill – Modern Art – Room 103

    April 13th, 2009 by M.

    [Gallery not found]

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  • Kerry Moosman, Amy O’Brien, Kerry Tullis Room -Modern Art – Room 226

    April 5th, 2009 by M.

    For this event we will cover an entire room in canvas, creating a platform in which to stage a demonstration of award winning Idaho artist Kerry Moosman’s specific style of pottery building. The tools and materials of his hand built pottery will be displayed as well as pottery pieces in varying stages of production. To view more of Kerry Moosman’s work visit the Stewart Gallery online at http://www.stewartgallery.com/artists/moosman/moosman.html.

    Vessel coil built, burnished terracotta 27" x 15"

    Vessel coil built, burnished terracotta 27" x 15"

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  • Vague Collab Modern Art 2009 Room 235

    April 2nd, 2009 by webAdmin

    the-vague-imageSally Smoldering By rail v. y tomas

    The Vague Collaborative (one Boise’s newest creative endeavors) will join us May 7th for Modern Art 2009 in room 235. As a group of creative individuals, they are interested in expanding each others knowledge and skills. From tattoos, to printmaking, to film, to belly dancing, the Vague Collaborative is an extremely diverse group of individuals. Through this collective, they are interested in sharing skills and ideas that foster both individual and group creativity.

    Three of it members Tomas Montano, Jay Nelson and David Colcord will represent part of the groups talent. The three members share similar painting/printmaking/graphic design backgrounds. Their dreamy, nostalgic, pop culture influenced work, will grace the walls, the chairs and the bed of room 235 during Modern Art 2009.

    We can’t wait!

    For more info on The Vague Collabrative or it’s members please visit the following websites:





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  • John Taye Modern Art 2009 Room 101

    March 31st, 2009 by M.

    [Gallery not found]

    John Taye received a BFA at the University of Utah and an MFA at Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles County. He is a Professor Emeritus at Boise State University where he taught for 33 years. Taye taught a variety of drawing, painting and sculpture courses there, and workshops at numerous other schools.

    Taye has had over two dozen solo exhibitions throughout the West, and he has shown in many invitational and juried exhibitions throughout the country. His work has been shown at the Newport Visual Arts Center, Coos Bay Art Museum, Maryhill Museum of Art, Boise Art Museum, Herritt Art Museum, Salt Lake Art Center, Springville Art Museum, Kimball Art Center, Bountiful Art Center, Museum of Church History and Art, Tempe Arts Center, Mesa Cultural Center, Tacoma Art Museum, and the Oklahoma Art Center. University galleries that have exhibited his work include: Boise State University, Idaho State University, College of Idaho, Northwest Nazarene University, College of Southern Idaho, Utah State University, University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Southern Utah University, and California State Los Angeles. Taye is a Fellow in the National Sculpture Society, New York City, and has exhibited his work there in numerous shows since 1989.

    Taye’s artwork has been featured in several publications, including American Artist, Drawing, Sculpture Review and Fine Woodworking. He has received awards in exhibitions of the National Sculpture Society, Salt Lake Art Center, Springville Art Museum, Museum of Church History and Art, and the Degas Pastel Society. His work is in many private and public collections regionally.

    Taye draws on classical traditions from the late 19th and early 20th century in both his paintings and sculpture. The mood of his work is peaceful and reflective. His paintings explore the subtle harmonies of color found in the human figure and in the natural forms of his still lifes. In all of his work he tries to emphasize a positive, affirmative view of life, and an appreciation for the intricacies and beauties of the natural world.



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